A Guide to Point Reyes National Seashore
by Phil Arnot & Elvira Monroe

Completely revised and updated edition of this highly regarded book. Includes photos, maps for each hike, tips and timetables for travel to the Seashore, narratives on natural history and new sections including whale watching, beaches, local vegetation, and places of interest in and around the Seashore.

"Anyone who visits Point Reyes will want this sturdy, compact guide."     ­San Francisco Chronicle

"enthusiasm for the cliffs and the sea shines from every page."  ­Loma Prietan, Sierra Club Newspaper

"...especially useful for hikers...reveals the lesser known attraction to Point Reyes." ­ Palo Alto Weekly

"...everything you need to known about Point Reyes...a pleasure to read." ­Lifestyle

"Arnot calls the close-to-home wilderness of Point Reyes his favorite escape, and his enthusiasm is apparent in this trail guide." ­ Times Tribune

"...the most handsome and useful of guides to the National Seashore." ­Naturalist

· 161 pp·maps·diagrams· illustrations ·b/w photos·5"x7"

· ISBN:1-884550-00-2 ·$10.95 US

John Muir's Range of Light
by Phil Arnot

A practical and personal guide to experiencing the wonders of the magnificent High Sierras.This highly readable guide to the natural beauty of the High Sierra describes 75 Sierra hikes, 36 wilderness trips of varying length, and dozens of the author's tips and experiences. Written with passion and respect for the outdoors, and featuring numerous photographs, this is a valuable resource for hikers, backpackers, environmentalists, and all who plan to visit this awe-inspiring place.Phil Arnot is an active mountaineer and explorer who has written books about San Francisco, Point Reyes and Yosemite Valley. He leads wilderness trips throughout the western United States, Alaska, and Point Reyes National Seashore.

"...over seventy Sierra hikes & almost forty wilderness trips...which hikers and backpackers will relish...packed with practical notes and details..."  ­The Bookwatch

"... wilderness pied piper shares 40 of the many gems he's uncovered."  ­Paul McHugh,San Francisco Chronicle

$12.95 ­ 384 pages
5.5"x8.5" illustrations & photos
ISBN: 1-884550-06-1



A Wild Coast & Lonely

by Rosalind Sharpe Wall

The first book on the history of Big Sur to be written by a Big Sur native. Features personal memories, interviews with families of original homesteaders and "old timers." Also included are chapters on Robinson Jeffers,Jaime de'Angulo and Doc Roberts

"An invaluable record ...generously illustrated...a straightforward storyteller."  ­San Francisco Chronicle

"...delightful, witty, interesting, we meet people with familiar, often famous, names." ­Carmel Valley Sun

"Oh­what a good time I'm having with your book! All the answers to so many questions I've had about God's country. Thank you. Thank you." ­Joan Fontaine.

$10.95·256 pp·

B/W historical & non-historical photos·illustrations

·6x9 ·ISBN:0933174-83-7·


by Antoinette May

A ghostly guide to haunted houses & places throughout California. Enriched with historical background and generously illustrated with photographs of these fascinating sites.

"Antoinette May approaches everything with a needed skepticism, as well as an open mind." ­Sylvia Brown, Medium/Co-founder of the Nirvana Foundation

"...complete and chilly...May has a winner here." ­San Mateo Times

"...spooky...close encounters put researcher on psychic trail." ­San Jose Mercury News

"Fun to read and profusely illustrated...nicely put together...good for several hours of entertainment." ­Enquirer-Bulletin

"...challenges readers to broaden their awareness to a place where everything and anything just might be possible."­Country Almanac

"Carefully reported..painstakingly documented...chilling tales entertainingly told." ­The Book Reader

"Antoinette May continues to impress me with her ability to scrutinize the facts. She does not embellish the truth. What she reports and writes about does not change from non-fiction to appear as fiction, or what it is not."­F.R. 'Nick' Nocerino, pyshic consultant

· $10.95 ·224 pp·

B/W historical & non-historical photos·6x9

ISBN: 1-884550-35-5