by Theoni Pappas

Mathematics is everywhere-in soap bubbles, electricity, da Vinci's masterpieces, even in an ocean wave. Contains a treasure trove of clearly illustrated mathematical ideas, concepts, puzzles, and games. Find out what a googol is, visit hotel infinity, read a thorny logic problem that stumped them back in the 8th century. THE JOY OF MATHEMATICS adds up to the most fun you've had in a long time.

  • Written in Pappas' unique & inviting style
  • Designed so that either book can be opened at random and a self-contained topic enjoyed.

"Approach goes far beyond the usual mechanical presentation, linking math to vital, everyday life and adding cultural and historical influences to connect math concepts to realistic challenges fun rather than tedious."

­The Bookwatch

"The Joy of Mathematics presents the world of mathematics to readers in a fresh, original way. For any reader, mathematician or not easily readable by all readily usable for enrichment I highly recommend it."

­-The Mathematics Teacher

"Rarely does one come across books on mathematics with such breath, beauty, and insight. Pappas' books always contain fascinating and valuable information-not only for curious students and laypeople-but also for the seasoned researcher. The eclectic Pappas is both a mathematician and a poet, and with the cold logic of the one and the inspired vision of the other, she selects topics sure to stimulate readers' imagination and sense of wonder at the incredible vastness of our mathematics universe."

­Clifford A. Pickover,

author of Computers & the Imagination

" designed to help the reader become aware of the inseparable relationship of mathematics and the world by presenting glimpses and images of mathematics in the many facets of our lives." ­Science News
". . .helps demystify this often misunderstood subject randomly arranged topics retain the true essence of discovery test your wits with topo,a mathematical game; ponder the Trinity of Rings; or juggle with a frustrating puzzle-this book gives glimpses of the many places math exists, helping you discover some of its treasures."

­Curriculum Product Review

Pick-of -the-Paperbacks

· $10.95 · 8.5" by 5.5"

·photos & illustrations throughout

· 256 pages ISBN: 0-933174-65-9


by Theoni Pappas

Part of the joy of mathematics is that it is everywhere-in soap bubbles, electricity, da Vinci's masterpieces, even in an ocean wave. Written by the well-known mathematics teacher consultant, this two volume collection of over 500 clearly illustrated mathematical ideas, concepts, puzzles, and games shows where they turn up in the "real" world. You'll find out what a googol is, visit hotel infinity, read a thorny logic problem that was stumping them back in the 8th century. The two books are cross-indexed.

Now Pappas has done it again, or rather, has done more! The pages of MORE JOY of MATHEMATICS spill over with ideas, puzzles, games from all over the world, historic background, exciting graphics and up-to-the-minute math breakthroughs.

Readers will find plenty to enjoy as they discover Pappas' unique easy reading style.


· $10.95 · 8.5" by 5.5"

·photos & illustrations throughout

· 312 pages ISBN: 0-933174-73-X


by Theoni Pappas

Delves into the world of ideas, explores the spell mathematics casts on our lives, and helps you discover mathematics where you least expect it. Be spellbound by the mathematical designs found in nature. Learn how knots may untie the mysteries of life. Be mesmerized by the computer revolution. Discover how the hidden forces of mathematics -hold architectural structures together -connect your telephone calls -help airplanes get off the ground - solve the mysteries of the living cell. See how some artists use a mathematical palette in their works and how many writers draw upon the wealth of its ideas. Experience all this in The Magic of Mathematics.

"Thought-provoking yet not overwhelming, this book makes the author's pleasure in mathematics evident. "

­ Library Journal

"witty and intriguing" ­Science News
"Readers will relish this book. The focus is to explain math in a lively, revealing manner. It succeeds!" ­The Bookwatch
"Pappas writes at a level that puts all her topics within reach of any mathematics teacher and usually within reach of a generalist as well. In spite of this, she does not skim over facts or misrepresent them. If you haven't bought Pappas' first two books, then get them. If you have them, buy this one as well." ­The Mathematics Teacher

Like Pappas' The Joy of Mathematics, the illustrations, graphics and photographs in The Magic of Mathematics make the book a visual as well as an intellectual experience.


$12.95 ·8.5"x5.5"

· photos & illustrations throughout

· 324 pages ISBN:0933174-99-3


by Theoni Pappas

Creative juices were certainly at work when this book of mathematical dialogues was created by Theoni Pappas. It presents a new way to enjoy and learn mathematical ideas via poetic dialogues read by two people. A new twist to mathematical themes.

"MATH TALK in its novel approach would make an interesting addition to the mathematics library for any age group." -The Mathematics Teacher

"Continuing on her crusade to demystify mathematics, Pappas delivers a new way to enjoy and learn some sublimely abstract notions" -The Bookpaper

"One of our favorites is an unusual little paperback called MATH TALK" -Home Education Magazine

24 delightful and informative poetic dialogues for exploring math ideas.

· Mathematics · Circles · Proper fractions · Fractals
· Fibonacci numbers · One · Operations · Imaginary numbers
· Möbius strip · Zero · Squares · Operations
· Variables · Radicals · Triangles · · Primes · Dimensions
· Golden Mean · e, & i (for three voices)
· Integers · Tessellations · Even numbers
· Googols · We are numbers.

$8.95 ·8.5"x5.5"·72 pp



by Theoni Pappas

  • Why isn't there a Nobel Prize in Mathematics?
  • Why was the first woman mathematician murdered?
  • Was Einstein's wife the real brains behind his theory?

  • In this highly readable volume of vignettes, coupled with factual background, Pappas has assembled fascinating stories of intrigue and the bizarre - in short, the human background of the history of mathematics.
    MATHEMATICAL SCANDALS delves behind the scenes and reveals real people, whose rivalries, deceptions, and idiosyncrasies are at odds with the mathematician's reputation for clear thinking and scientific detachment.

    "If you have a kid over, say 16 years who thinks math is boring, this book is the cure." ­Jaron Lanier, Discover Magazine

    "These scandals are not salacious tabloids; rather, they concern incidents and controversies involving personalities from the history of mathematics.The stories are informative, and the writing style is appealing." -The Mathematics Teacher

    "Pappas' passion for math has produced many previous winning titles: this presents a new vision for exploring math Even reluctant math users will find the blend of intrigue and social history involving." -The Bookwatch

    "MATHEMATICS SCANDALS gives Pappas' devoted fans another dose of the inventiveness and flair they have come to expect from her work." -Publisher's Group West

    "Many associate mathematics with cold logic. To dispel the stereotype, the author examines the human sides and foibles of renowned mathematicians." -Douglas Borton, The Actuarial Digest

    · $10.95 ·160 pages ·5.5"x8.5"

    ·paperback · index ·illustrations
    · ISBN: 1-884550-10-X


    the mathematical cat

    by Theoni Pappas

    Pappas is a highly respected and nationally recognized author of books on mathematics for the layperson and the mathematician. She simplifies mathematical concepts and makes math more understandable and approachable. In addition she has a superb track record with her books on mathematics for children.

    The famous mathematical cat Penrose takes us on a trip though puzzleland, while sharing fascinating and challenging puzzles in this uniquely designed mini book. Each page's puzzle is introduced by our star Penrose or one of his quirky friends. Readers are treated to page after page of Penrose antics and problems, while the over 100 mind teasers stimulate and engage its readers gray cells, This book's mini format and fun graphics makes it hard to resist picking up, and its characters and puzzles are sure to entertain both kids or adults.

    · $10.95 ·160 pages ·4.25"x5.5"

    ·paperback · index ·illustrations
    · ISBN: 978-1-884550-70-6

    color throughtout

    papewrback: ISBN: 978-1-884550-70-6

    ebook: ISBN: 978-1884550-71-3

    Monthly Topics in 2014 calendar include:

    JANUARY- The Exploratorium

    FEBRUARY- Introducing the Reuleaux triangle & the gang of constant width objects

    MARCH- Square, circle, and equilateral traingle learn to loosen up­ a math fable

    APRIL-The positive & negative of it.­positive & negative space

    MAY- Origami enters the sceince of medicine

    JUNE- Decimals keeps tabs on your books

    JULY- Momath­way to go math­exploring the museum of mathematics

    AUGUST- Math plays ball­mathematics behind baseball

    SEPTEMBER- Brain exercisers ­challenge problems

    OCTOBER- Mathematics goes to the ballet­a glimpse at the physics & math behand dance

    NOVEMBER- Mathematical snippets­ a look at Big data & US centroids

    DECEMBER- Mathematical trivia




    by Theoni Pappas

    Now in its 33rd year, with its exciting topics, graphics and mind-boggling problems, this calendar continues to be a hit with teachers, students, engineers, math buffs and puzzle lovers. It's more than a calendar­­ each month features an intriguing math topic and each day a tantalizing problem­­ it's a treasure trove of information, games, puzzles and stories, illustrating how mathematics influences, touches, and impacts our lives. It is uniquely designed so that each day of every month has a problem whose solution is the date. The brain twister lies in figuring how to arrive at the answer. For each month the problems range from arithmetic to calculus.

    THE MATHEMATICS CALENDAR has given thousands of people a new perspective about math ­ how it can be fun, fascinating & intriguing. It's nowonder its popularity continues to grow.

    The 12 monthly topics feature exciting topics which remind us again and again how mathematics describes nature, impacts the sciences, is essential to architecture, is inseparable from music, influences the arts, exercises and tantalizes the mind with its puzzles and problems, stimulates and creates new technologies, and reveals the multi-dimensions of our world and universe through its ever evolving ideas and insights.

    "A wall calendar that should be off the wallit's like have a math magazine with twelve solidly researched articles. You and your students will really have to take some time to get everything out of this publiscation. If you hang this up, expect students to be standing in front of it for a long time"   ­ The Mathematics Teacher


    "...continues to astonish...among the best calendars I've seen...a positive brain-wrecker." ­ San Francisco Chronicle

    ".Very functional,hone up your skills day by day. No rest for the weary with this clever calendar that will most definitely wake you up." - The Book Reader

    "...a winner in the Exploratorium Store...unique...thought provoking... entertaining." - The Exploratorium Store

    "It's a unique calendar. It sells well and is something that has never been done." - Stanford University Bookstore

    "Wonderful! Start your day with a thoroughly bent mind, and perhaps learn a bit of math too. It's become a museum store classic." -Whole Earth Review

    "Some of the most unusual items to cross our desk are The Children's Mathematics Calendar & The Mathematics Calendar. Each includes a different problem on each day of the year, along with valuable mathematical information on each month." -Today's Catholic Teacher

    "designed to increase understanding and appreciation of math concepts. -The Cincinnati Post
    "makes math fun as well as educational" -The Bookwatch

    "People interested in the beauty and intrigue of various high school mathematics topics will like The Mathematics Calendar. Pappas's efforts could lead to many meaningful classroom discussions and projects".
    - The Mathematics Teacher

    opens to 11"x17" · $12.95
    ·ISBN:978-1-884550-72-0 · color illustrations throughout


    Experience the Beauty of Mathematics Through Quotations
    by Theoni Pappas

    Learn what Alice in Wonderland, Albert Einstein, William Shakespeare, Mae West, Plato and others have to say about mathematics.

    THE MUSIC OF REASON is a compendium of profound and profane thoughts on mathematics by mathematicians, scientists, authors and artists.
    This collection of quotes - a mixed bag of the humorous and the philosophical -is a thought-provoking sampler on mathematics, dealing with mathematics and the imaginations, the arts, history, nature, numbers, sciences, computers and much more. Students, teachers and others will all enjoy this collection of thoughtful and humorous quotes.

    " divided into fifteen categories each category preceded by a short commentary by the author. integrating mathematics to with such subjects as science, history, English, art, and music, the quotations from this book can act as a springboard for some lively discussions linking mathematics to other subjects and the real world will complement the collections of mathematicians and mathematics educators alike." ­The Mathematics Teacher

    $9.95 5"x7" illustrated throughout
    128 pp·ISBN:1-884550-04-5


    by Theoni Pappas 

    Pappas has come up with yet another way to make math part of your life. Not a calendar, not a reference book, but a compendium of mathematical information that will give you your math fix everyday.

    Each day -

    • kick starts your brain with a problem or puzzle (detailed solutions are included)
    • has a mathematical quote to inspire the other side of your brain
    • features a historical or current math note
    • has its date expressed in another number system

    Start off your day with it. · Take it to meetings. · Share it with friends.

    ISBN: 1-884550-20-7 · $12.95
    · 5.5"x8.5" · 256 pages · illustrated


    by Theoni Pappas


    "Pappas's books have been gold mines of mathematical entertainment...spreading inspirational and mathematical good cheer. "­Jon Scieszka, author of Math Curse

    MATHEMATICAL FOOTPRINTS takes a creative look at the role mathematics has played since prehistoric times, and will play in the future, and uncovers mathematics where you least expect to find it­ from its many uses in medicine, the sciences, and its appearance in art to its patterns in nature and its central role in the development of computers. Pappas presents mathematical ideas in a readable non-threatening manner.

    · $10.95 ISBN: 1-884550-21`-5
    ·240 pages · 5.5"x8.5" · photos & illustrations throughout

    by Theoni Pappas.

    A treasure trove of stories that make mathematical ideas come to life. Explores math concepts and topics such as real numbers, exponents, dimensions, the golden rectangle in both serious and humorous ways. Penrose the cat, the parable of p, the number line that fell apart, Leonhard the magic turtle and many others offer an amusing and entertaining way to explore and share mathematical ideas regardless of age or background.
    for Best Children's Book
    by The Educational Source

    "For those you love math, for those indifferent to it, and for those who absolutely dread and fear it, this latest volume by the author of The Joy of Mathematics is an entertaining way to explore the world of numbers regardless of age or background." ­Bookpaper

    · $10.95 ·10"x8"
    · illustrations throughout
    · 64 pp ISBN: ISBN:0933174-89-6 ·




    Other People Too!
    by Theoni Pappas

    "Pick a page, any page, and let the fun begin! Theoni Pappas's choice of stories, puzzles, and games is delightful, challenging, and timeless." -Jackie Faillace Getgood, Mathematics Teaching in the Middle School, NCTM magazine

    A book that brings mathematics to life in stories, puzzles and challenges.
    Here we find -

    how the fractions were squeezed between the whole numbers

    • witness the rise and fall of the Roman numerals
    • do mental gymnastics with intriguing puzzles
    • challenge a friend to a special game
    • help factorials cut things down to size
    • discover what's a zillion
    • learn the magic of binary cards
    • and much much more

    - Helps kids find out that mathematics is more than just computation. -
    - Lets them discover the world of mathematics.-

    $10.95 · 8'x10"

    · illustrations throughout

    · 128 pp · ISBN: 1-884550-13-4


    the mathematical cat


    the mathematical cat
    by Theoni Pappas

    Penrose, no ordinary cat, takes kids on adventurous tours of mathematical concepts and characters with his books.

    Join Penrose as he continues on his mad cap tour of mathematical ideas.

    • Venture with him when he discovers how to help the square root of 2
    • Meet the fractal dragon
    • Watch a tangram egg hatch
    • learn how to make a square become a bird
    • help nanocat get back home
    • and MANY more amusing, entertaining and informative tales


    • discover the mathematical rep-tiles
    • meet x, the mathematical actor
    • meet Probably
    • discover how 1+1 does not always =2.
    • help Sorry Snowflake find its symmetry
    • take on Napier's hot rods
    • and MANY more amusing, entertaining and informative tales

    All told in an enchanting and captivating style that is sure to make mathematics fun as well as educational. The reader will gain new insights and appreciation for mathematics and its many facets.

    "Students will find the stories interesting and will be challenged by the suggested activities and questions. useful as motivational stories and extensions of their lesson. This book will help teachers develop a better understanding of skills and concepts and to motivate students to really like mathematics." ­Shirley Roberts, Teaching Children Mathematics

    THE ADVENTURES OF PENROSE $10.95 · 8'x10"

    · illustrations throughout

    · 114 pages ISBN: 1-884550-14-2


    · illustrations throughout

    · 128 pages ISBN: 1-884550-32-0


    A partial list of the table of contents:
    · Electronic-paper- is it for real?
    · The mathematics behind your genes
    · Computers get stressed out too!
    · Holyhedron
    · Private eyes of mathematics
    · Chaos theory & the butterfly ballot
    · Poe's codes & ciphers
    · Quantum keys & our secrets
    · Designer molecules & quantum computing
    · Do computers have limits?
    · Math designs on earthquakes
    · Prime stuff
    · Putting math on ice
    · In search of pi
    · Blobs, folds & virtual architecture
    · A mathematical anachronism
    · Those pervasive numbers
    · Mathematics & the painter's palette
    · Mathematical fuel
    · The eyes have it-biometrics & mathematics
    · Energy conscious mathematics
    · Modeling is a mathematical matter
    · Starcage
    · Virtual reality is real
    · Fractals, fractals everywhere
    · Faster than the speed of light?
    · Mathematics & the sound of music
    · Mathematics & the GHz race
    · AI, robots, automatons,and much more
    · Nanoears
    · Medicine hooks us up to mathematics . . .

    by Theoni Pappas

    Whether it's stuff in your kitchen or garden, stuff that powers your car or your body, stuff that helps you work, communicate or play, or stuff that you've never heard of ­ you can bet that mathematics is there.
    MATH STUFF brings it all in the open in the Pappas style.
    Learn what a holyhedron is, how computers get stressed, how e-paper will work, how codes and numbers work with our bodies. Learn about up-to-date math ideas and how they will impact our lives.
    By the end of this book you will think "Mathematics is the stuff that dreams are made of."

    $12.95 ·8.5"x5.5"·256 pp



    A partial list of the table of contents:
    The elusive black swan
    Who really chooses whom-x, y or z?
    Digital forensics
    Boids & Birds
    Getting a glimpse at the mathematical world of Salvador Dali
    Math or magic?
    he Alhambra & The American Institute of Mathematics
    Einstein's cosmological constant blunder?
    The big box for small fabrications
    Who really chooses whom-X, Y or Z?
    Bridges that go anywhere
    Dancing with the numbers
    Bridges that go anywhere
    Networking is not schmoozing
    Mathematics for math's sake
    Zeno's "zany" paradoxes & more
    A closer look Zeno's Dichotomy, Achilles & the tortoise, Stade
    Riemann hypothesis and more math surfaces in The Case of Lies
    Polling & mathematics
    Juggling mathematics
    What's so special about random numbers?
    Voting paradoxes
    The 4-color math problem's quirky twist
    The road to chess
    Computers & random numbers
    The problem that determined Gauss' career
    pi's rock star status
    A moment in the life of data searches
    The eyes that launched the hearts of countless readers
    The Leonardo da Vinci Museum
    To be or not to be Rembrandt
    How bees and other insects fly
    Universes of the past
    Mathematics behind the perfect golf ball
    Mathematics caps off the dome
    Are plants counting?
    Are you up to the second?
    Whodunit?Jackson Pollock & fractals
    Math & your ring tones
    Surfing with mathematics
    Tackling Murphy's Law with math
    The Sierpinski triangle finds its way into the Grand Egyptian Museum
    The misplaced manuscripts fiasco
    The inheritance problem
    The Möbius strip continues to twist our fancy
    Saccheri missed the boat
    Points of deception
    The sound of money
    Witricity may cut the chord
    -plus 50 more topics



    Exploring mathematical ideas in small bites

    by Theoni Pappas

    From nutrional labels and box office statistics to terabytes and megapixels, the 21st century world is awash in numbers. How can the average Joe or Jane make sense of all that data? The key, Theoni Pappas argues is math. In Mathematical Snippets, she draws readers into the fascinating world of mathematics without overwhelming them with mind-numbing equations. Short engaging sections on everything from golf to game theory introduce mathematical concpets and celebrate math's impact on daily life.
    Math Snippets lets you surfs through ideas until you are captivated by a topic. It's up to you to find out where your interest and curiosity take you.


    $12.95 ·8.5"x5.5"·200 pp

    clor photos and illustrations throughout















    · Numberville
    · The transcendentals
    · There's nothing negative about negatives
    · When new domains appeared
    · Not all symbols are created equal
    · The day the isosceles triangle made the golden rectangle eat crow
    · Little wavelet shows off its stuff
    · Math tailors the numbers
    · Numbers & numerals try to set the record straight
    · What do you mean undefined?
    · A square is not so square
    · Fuzzy one makes itself clear

    · Some knots are not
    · The dilemma of the order of operations
    · Transfinites make their entrance
    · Numbers, the number line and all that stuff
    · The mathematical taboo
    · 1s & 0s take on the Universe
    · How the 4-dimensional cube got its nickname
    · What a line!
    · The day the solids got truncated
    · What's the point of a point?
    · Imagine i
    · The attack of the locus
    · Permutation & combination have it out
    · Composites take on the primes
    · How the points got their nam
    · The 2nd Millennium Awards

     NUMBERS &

    Other Math Ideas Come Alive

    by Theoni Pappas

    Humorous stories debunk math as cold or elitist and help readers zero in on math concepts

    Numbers and concepts tell their stories in their own words in Numbers & Other Math Ideas Come Alive. Our cold, clinical impressions of mathematics dissolve as we are introduced to the adventures and antics of mathematical concepts. Numbers speak and interact with each other in delightful and amusing stories. The diverse range of math topics in story format make this book accessible, and readers learn from entertaining chapters such as, A Square Is Not So Square and The Day Numbers and Numerals Set the Record Straight also, find out how Math Tailors the Numbers. In each story, properties and characteristics of math ideas are uncovered and explained through the dialogues and actions of its math characters. Readers forget they're learning as they get caught up in the characters' private lives, secrets, and interactions.

    "Numbers & Other Math Ideas Come Alive by Theoni Pappas is a fun look at numbers and shapes and their properties. Pappas personifies numbers and shapes, modeling their properties as they interact and explaining their point of view. Each chaper cover a different mathematical idea from the viewpoint of numbers or shapes, explaining concepts though experiences of characters. ... This book covers math concpets that are appropriate for both middle school and high school students. ... a fun and creative way to begin a discussion about new mathematical concepts and to pique the interests of students. A possible extention of this book is to have students write their own stories about mathematical concepts. ...This book is a great way to start that process with young mathematicians in our classrooms." ­Marla Ann L. Baber,                      The Mathematics Teacher magazine

    $10.95     5"x7"     190 pages

    ISBN: 978-1-884550-63-8