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    The year 2018 is the37th year of the Mathematics Calendar.  It comes with its exciting topics, graphics and mind-boggling problems, this calendar continues to be a hit with teachers, students, engineers, math buffs and puzzle lovers. It's more than a calendar­­ each month features an intriguing math topic and each day a tantalizing problem­­ it's a treasure trove of information, games, puzzles and stories, illustrating how mathematics influences, touches, and impacts our lives. It is uniquely desgned so that each day of every month has a problem whose solution is the date. The brain twister lies in figuring how to arrive at the answer. For each month the problems range from arithmetic to calculus. The 2019 calendar will be the farewell calendar for Theoni Pappas.  It will be both a retrospective of some topics combined with new updated and expanded math themes.


THE MATHEMATICS CALENDAR has given thousands of people a new perspective about math ­ how it can be fun, fascinating & intriguing. It's no wonder its popularity continues to grow.


The 12 monthly topics feature exciting topics which remind us again and again how mathematics describes nature, impacts the sciences, is essential to architecture, is inseparable from music, influences the arts, exercises and tantalizes the mind with its puzzles and problems, stimulates and creates new technologies, and reveals the multi-dimensions of our world and universe through its ever evolving ideas and insights.


"A wall calendar that should be off the wallit's like have a math magazine with twelve solidly researched articles. You and your students will really have to take some time to get everything out of this publiscation. If you hang this up, expect students to be standing in front of it for a long time"   ­   —The Mathematics Teacher


"...continues to astonish...among the best calendars I've seen...a positive brain-wrecker." ­ —San Francisco Chronicle


".Very functional,hone up your skills day by day. No rest for the weary with this clever calendar that will most definitely wake you up."

— The Book Reader


"...a winner in the Exploratorium Store...unique...thought provoking... entertaining." —The Exploratorium Store


"It's a unique calendar. It sells well and is something that has never been done."

— Stanford University Bookstore


"Wonderful! Start your day with a thoroughly bent mind, and perhaps learn a bit of math too. It's become a museum store classic."

—Whole Earth Review


"Some of the most unusual items to cross our desk are The Children's Mathematics Calendar & The Mathematics Calendar. Each includes a different problem on each day of the year, along with valuable mathematical information on each month."                        —Today's Catholic Teacher


"designed to increase understanding and appreciation of math concepts. -The Cincinnati Post

"makes math fun as well as educational"      —The Bookwatch


"People interested in the beauty and intrigue of various high school mathematics topics will like The Mathematics Calendar. Pappas's efforts could lead to many meaningful classroom discussions and projects".              — The Mathematics Teacher


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