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Other People Too!

by Theoni Pappas


"Pick a page, any page, and let the fun begin! Theoni Pappas's choice of stories, puzzles, and games is delightful, challenging, and timeless."

—Jackie Faillace Getgood,

Mathematics Teaching in the Middle School, NCTM magazine



A book that brings mathematics to life in stories, puzzles and challenges.

Here we find:

• how the fractions were squeezed between the whole numbers

• witness the rise and fall of the Roman numerals

ª do mental gymnastics with intriguing puzzles

• challenge a friend to a special game

• help factorials cut things down to size

• discover what's a zillion

• learn the magic of binary cards

• and much much more


• Helps kids find out that mathematics is more than just computation.

• Lets them discover the world of mathematics.-


$10.95 · 8'x10"

· illustrations throughout

· 128 pp · ISBN: 1-884550-13-4



by Theoni Pappas

Creative juices were certainly at work when this book of mathematical dialogues was created by Theoni Pappas. It presents a new way to enjoy and learn mathematical ideas via poetic dialogues read by two people. A new twist to mathematical themes.


"MATH TALK in its novel approach would make an interesting addition to the mathematics library for any age group." The Mathematics Teacher



"Continuing on her crusade to demystify mathematics, Pappas delivers a new way to enjoy and learn some sublimely abstract notions" —The Bookpaper


"One of our favorites is an unusual little paperback called MATH TALK"  —Home Education Magazine



24 delightful and informative poetic dialogues for exploring math ideas.


· Mathematics · Circles · Proper fractions · Fractals

· Fibonacci numbers · One · Operations · Imaginary numbers

· Möbius strip · Zero · Squares · Operations

· Variables · Radicals · Triangles · · Primes · Dimensions

· Golden Mean · e, & i (for three voices)

· Integers · Tessellations · Even numbers

· Googols · We are numbers

• and more


$10.95  ·8.5"x5.5"

·72 pp



the mathematical cat



the mathematical cat


by Theoni Pappas


Penrose, no ordinary cat, takes kids on adventurous tours of mathematical concepts and characters with his books.


Join Penrose as he continues on his mad cap tour of mathematical ideas.


Venture with him when he:

 • discovers how to help the square root of 2

 • Meets the fractal dragon

• Watches a tangram egg hatch

• learns how to make a square become a bird

• helps nanocat get back home

and MANY more amusing, entertaining and informative tales,




• discover the mathematical rep-tiles

• meet x, the mathematical actor

• meet Probably

• discover how 1+1 does not always =2.

• help Sorry Snowflake find its symmetry

• take on Napier's hot rods

and MANY more amusing, entertaining and informative tales


All told in an enchanting and captivating style that is sure to make mathematics fun as well as educational. The reader will gain new insights and appreciation for mathematics and its many facets.



"Students will find the stories interesting and will be challenged by the suggested activities and questions. useful as motivational stories and extensions of their lesson. This book will help teachers develop a better understanding of skills and concepts and to motivate students to really like mathematics."

­—Shirley Roberts, Teaching Children Mathematics




$12.95 · 8'x10"

· illustrations throughout

· 114 pages ISBN: 1-884550-14-2




$12.95 · 8'x10"

· illustrations throughout

· 128 pages ISBN: 1-884550-32-0




by Theoni Pappas


A treasure trove of stories that make mathematical ideas come to life. Explores math concepts and topics such as real numbers, exponents, dimensions, the golden rectangle in both serious and humorous ways. Penrose the cat, the parable of p, the number line that fell apart, Leonhard the magic turtle and many others offer an amusing and entertaining way to explore and share mathematical ideas regardless of age or background.


for Best Children's Book

by The Educational Source


"For those you love math, for those indifferent to it, and for those who absolutely dread and fear it, this latest volume by the author of The Joy of Mathematics is an entertaining way to explore the world of numbers regardless of age or background." ­ —Bookpaper


· $12.95 ·10"x8"

· illustrations throughout

· 64 pp ISBN: ISBN; 0933174-89-6


MORE MATH ADVENTURES with PENROSE the mathematical cat

by Theoni Pappas


More math adventures with Penrose the mathematical cat brings the world of mathematics to life with amusing, fascinating, and exciting stories.  Penrose proved his math prowess in Pappas’s first two Penrose books. Now Penrose, the famous mathematically minded cat, is at it again.  Join Penrose on  all new math  adventures as he introduces math concepts in a non-threatening way.

Here we find Penrose

• running into the confusing numbers

• heading into Poincareville

• learning about squares & lines

 •discovering perfect numbers

• inventing cat numbers

•setting plus straight

• finding math knots

•helping circ;e find its center

and many more math stories & challenges


His encounters with math characters and ideas capture children’s imaginations and stimulates their curiosity while having fun discovering and playing with what the world mathematics offers. Lets you discover that math is much more than learning math facts. A great resource for parents and teachers. An exciting way to get children fascinated by mathematics.


$12.95 · 8'x10"

· illustrations throughout

· 132 pages ISBN: 978-1-884550-76-8


the mathematical cat

by Theoni Pappas


Pappas is a highly respected and nationally recognized author of books on mathematics for the layperson and the mathematician. She simplifies mathematical concepts and makes math more understandable and approachable. In addition she has a superb track record with her books on mathematics for children.




The famous mathematical cat Penrose takes us on a trip though puzzleland, while sharing fascinating and challenging puzzles in this uniquely designed mini book. Each page's puzzle is introduced by our star Penrose or one of his quirky friends. Readers are treated to page after page of Penrose antics and problems, while the over 100 mind teasers stimulate and engage its readers gray cells, This book's mini format and fun graphics makes it hard to resist picking up, and its characters and puzzles are sure to entertain both kids or adults.


· $10.95 ·160 pages ·4.25"x5.5"

·paperback · index ·illustrations

· ISBN: 978-1-88455070-6

color throughtout

papewrback: ISBN: 978-1-884550-70-6

ebook: ISBN: 978-1-884550-71-3

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