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Unfortunately, in the process of preparing books for publication publishers experience errors.  We try to correct these in subsequent printings, but should you have an earlier edition we are providing you a list of errata.

Book & Calendar Corrections

 List of typos, omissions, proofing errors for:



Do the math!


page 152: The number, "34.75", shown in the second line from the bottom should be "34.25".


page 175: The sequence "3 ,0 ,2, 9, 7, 3 ,0 ,2, 9, 7, 3, ...", shown should read "3 ,0 ,0, 9, 7, 3 ,0 ,0, 9, 7, 3, ...".




THE ADVENTURES OF PENROSE -Copyrght 1997, First Edition


PAGE 56- The second column, fifth line down should read: "(1/1,000,000,000) the size of the cat".


MATHEMATICAL SNIPPETS -Copyrght 2008, First Edition, First Printing June 2008.

PAGE 42- The formula for "p" in the 5th line from the bottom of the second column should read "p is of the form 2^(2^n) + 1..." .

PAGE 43- The fourth line of the first column should read "Using Gauss' formula, p =2^(2^n ) + 1..."

PAGE 161- The italics in the 2nd column first paragraph should read another, and are stitched together by mathematics."

PAGE 162- In the 2nd column first paragraph the word "hallow "should be "hollow".

PAGE 171- The first column 6th line should read "of 144, namely 1/48, 1/24, 1/16, 1/12, 7/48, and 1/6."





page 63- The number in the square that appears at the intersection of the 4th column and 3rd row should be 12.


page 159- Correct a typo in the DAY NUMBERS chart, the number corresponding to  Saturday's should be 0, not 7.


Revise the steps as follows for example August 27, 1990.

1) Take the last two figures in the year, 90.  This number will be used in both step 2 and 5.

2) Divided the 2-digit number from step 1 by the number 4, and ignore its remainder. 90÷4= 22 (and the remainder 2 you ignore).

3) Go to the month chart and find the month's number. It is 3.

4) From the desired date, take the day's number. For our example date it is 27.

5) From the century chart find the century number for the desired year. For 1990 its is 0.

6) Now, add together the numbers from steps 1, 2, 3, 4,5.


Divide this sum by 7, namely 90+22+3+27+0 = 142 So, 142÷7  = 20 plus remainder 2.


Use the remainder number to look up the day of the week in the DAY NUMBERS chart. For 2 it is Wednesday.





3rd printing May 2004


page 217- solution for FEB 18's last sentence should read " n(n - 3)/2 = 65 --> n =13. So the polygon has 13 sides."


page 209- Dec. 25th's problem diagram should show a 4" by 9" rectangle rather than a 4" by 6".


page 226- June 26's solution: The second line show the square root bar extending over (3x4), which makes the answer: 44 - 8 sqrt3 .





January 14:  Delete 32˚ from diagram, and solve the problem without that angle measure.


January 21: There is a typo in January's calendar dates.  January accidently has two January 20s, and is missing  January 21.   Please replaced the second January 20 with January 21. 


February 9:  Typo in first line of problem.  First line should read: "A train going 60mph left"


October 27:  The divisor should be  " x-3 ".


November 7:  A "1"  should appear after the plus sign in the first line of the equation.




January's topic page 5th line of last paragraph replace "questionaire's" with "questioner's"


January 4: First equation should read 0.5-7y=13


January 24: The word "polygon" should be "polygons".


January 27: Problem should have a "-1" after the "+1".


February's topic page last paragraph should begin with "Sallow's discovery ushered . . ."


June 14: The equation should read as follows:(2x-7)(4x^2 + ?x + 49) = 8x^3 - 343


June 25: Note that both the cyclinder and the prism are the same height. The aluminum sheet is to be a rectangle.


August 14: Replace "f(g(x))=?" with f(g(3))=?".


August 24: The diagram is not drawn to scale.


September 20: Replace the word "trajectile" with "trajectory".


September's solution page for BRAIN BUSTERS: For the " four nickle problem" the answer for the area of the red circle is (3r^2 - 2r^2 (square rooot of 2)) pi.


October 18: The fraction bar was left off the problem. The problem should read (5-2i)/4+i.


December 16: Add the phrase "x is a rational number".


December's topic page: Correct the spelling for "Lobachevsky".






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