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by Theoni Pappas & Elvira Monroe


The extensive and authentic recipes are arranged by menus for 22 complete dinners. This format helps take the guesswork out of deciding what to serve with what. Special sections on desserts, breads, wines, coffee, cheeses, herbs and delicacies from the vendors.


" ...stirs Greek spirit and captures the essence of Greek cooking a good gift for non-Greek cooks as well as those who collect Greek recipes. "­Hellenic Journal


"...menus based on meat, fish, poultry, or vegetables create a realistic picture of a typical meal, complete with Retsina, yogurt, and olives..." ­

Cookbook Digest


"...reasonably priced book featuring the best in Greek cooking....detailed instruction on how to prepare Greek specialities. The large, easy-to-read type is a plus in the kitchen...extensive authentic recipes are arranged by menus for 22 complete dinners."

­—Colorado Daily


".....not only does the book give complete menu ideas, it also contains tips on cooking to achieve the true Greek touch." ­

—Peninsula Times Tribune


"...truly outstanding."

­—Midwest Book Review


·167 pages with 66 photos of Greece

· ISBN: 0-933174-61-6·$12.95 US

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by Antoinette May


A ghostly guide to haunted houses & places throughout California. Enriched with historical background and generously illustrated with photographs of these fascinating sites.


"Antoinette May approaches everything with a needed skepticism, as well as an open mind." ­—Sylvia Brown, Medium/Co-founder of the Nirvana Foundation


"...complete and chilly...May has a winner here." —San Mateo Times


"...spooky...close encounters put researcher on psychic trail." ­San Jose Mercury News


"Fun to read and profusely illustrated...nicely put together...good for several hours of entertainment." ­ —Enquirer-Bulletin


"...challenges readers to broaden their awareness to a place where everything and anything just might be possible."

—­Country Almanac


"Carefully reported..painstakingly documented...chilling tales entertainingly told."


"Antoinette May continues to impress me with her ability to scrutinize the facts. She does not embellish the truth. What she reports and writes about does not change from non-fiction to appear as fiction, or what it is not."­

—F.R. 'Nick' Nocerino, pyshic consultant



·224 pp · B/W historical & non-historical photos · 6x9

ISBN: 1-884550-35-5·$14.95 US


Cooking With Aloha

by Irish Margah & Elvira Monroe



130 recipes include countless pupus·main dishes ranging from Kalua pig to curries·side dishes·salads· breads·beverages·special desserts. Menus for a luau, dinner, suppers, barbecues and brunches are an added feature.


" Helps recreate the mood and enjoyment of a trip to the Islands."

—­ Country Almanac


"Goodlooking, easy-to-follow, large-type cookbook." ­

—Times Tribune


·199 pages includes illusrations by Don Blanding

· ISBN: 1-884550-25-8 · $12.95 US

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